Sunday, November 25, 2007

Product Review:

As many of you may know, I am a huge online Spades Player. I recently went looking on the internet for a new place to find a challenging game and I came across Spadester claims to have (as of today) Over 4350 players at their tables. That sounded great to me so I signed up and played a few games to get the feel of it. (While I was playing I did notice that the whole game site only had 120 players total online so the 4350 number is completely wrong, maybe even fraudulent.) The play was ok, nice quick games but the level of play was on par with playing the robots in Yahoo Spades. No real challenges and I took the win on 8 games out of 10 games played. The cool-sounding thing about this site is that you can play for cash! I figured that with a win ratio of 8/10 games, I should be able to win some serious cash on this site.

I have never been one to give my credit card over the internet without assurance that it is a secure site. That is when fell apart. The website is owned by a company in Cyprus, and for anyone who knows anything about credit cards and the internet, this is a huge red flag. Giving out your credit card to a Cyprus company is legally equal to giving your credit card to one of the 419 Nigirian scammers that say you have inherited 22 million bux. It is just not a good idea no matter how small the amount. And, if you look at the terms of service, you will see Section 4.3 states: "You agree that the Site is not liable for any loss caused by any unauthorized use of your credit card or other method of payment by a third party in connection with the Site." RED FLAG!

They do also take PayPal which is a little safer so I continued to check out the site. I noticed that when I played partners, I paid a fee of say, .50c, and the payout is $1.50 but in actuality a win only returns .50c to my account. With 4 players paying .50c and the total being paid out is only $1.00 so Spadester is taking 50% of every game played as pairs? Even 25% is very steep for a gaming site but 50% is out of reason. All of the Partners game paid out this way. I looked for an explanation of the rules and payouts but couldn't find very much and what there is is very inconsistent. I concede that this is a new website, so this may just be a case of working the bugs out.

Something that is important to me as a spades player is clearly defined rules. 15 minutes worth of looking into the rules listed on spadester's game site and I realized that there is very little correlation between the games I have played and the rules listed on the site. The rules seem to have been taken from some other site and then not edited to match the games available on spadester. The rules mention 500 point games, 200 for blind nil and 10 bag penalties, the games offer 100-300 point games, 100 for blind nil, and 5 bag penalties. Those are some very big discrepancies in my game book.

Finally, after an hour on the site, I could not find a clear method of payout. A couple of places mentioned $20 minimum payout, another place mentioned checks being sent out on the 5th and 20th of the month. Without a clear system of payouts, I have to conclude that the company doesn't plan on making very many payouts.

Over all, at this time I have to give a "Two Thumbs Down" for:
1) lack of fair play 50% house take is ridiculous even for an on-line gaming site.
2) lack of assurance for credit card safety.
3) Unclear rules of play
4) General "Shadiness" of the website and company.

If you just want to play spades, with fast games and no chat--this is a good site for you. Do not be tempted to play cash would be cheaper and faster to just post your credit card number in the lobby of a Yahoo Spades room.

Update May 16, 2008: is still a SCAM!
Recent comments found:
shoot19....I've got to agree with this. this is the biggest scam I've seen in a while.. they will take your money in a second and come up with excuses not to pay out, and then eventually they will just ignore you.. do a chargeback on your credit card.

kevolt.....As I wrote above, my withdrawal requests have been pending for many months. My emails have been ignored, except for a couple a weeks ago when I got a response from Julie S. (Customer Care) who say she'd expedite through Accounting. I waited a week, and nothing happened. The spadester chat seemed to be online, so I tried that. The chat person said they'd expedite and would send me an email. I then got an email from Cindy G. (Manager of Accounting) that said the problem would be taken care of. Now it's been another week, and still no money and still no change in the status of my withdrawal requests - they are all listed as pending with a status that still says just "Requested".

I just want to give all a heads up about I have tried to get a respons from them for about 2 months now. But still no answer. I am going to write about this in casinomeister since they dont respond to affiliates either who are trying to help me. Sad just think twice before depositing here!

It seems that even 4 months later, nothing has really changed.
Level of play seems to be approaching "Beginner" I played 8 games and won 6 so this is a slight improvement over my last visit. Note: I haven't been playing Spades at all in the last month so maybe I have slipped a little.
The website no longer claims 4000+ player online. My actual count today was around 400 on the PlayMoney side and about 200 on the RealMoney side.
Winning pots are better. The Site seems to be raking 10-12% but this may just be due to bad math skills more than greed as I did spot 1 table that was 9%.
Credit card security is still questionable. With no mailing address or support from any kind of "Verisign" group, I would be very very careful about giving any information at all. In an age of Identity Theft, any site that not only asks for my name and credit card but also my Social Security number and birth date raises some very real concerns. They are not taking PayPal anymore. Want to bet they got so many Charge-Backs that PayPal canceled them? If you do decide to try it, buy a rechargable visa gift card instead of a real credit card.

Still a generally fun site to play fast cards but still 2 thumbs down for over-all shadiness.

No matter what Saar claims, this site is not living up to their promises, has horrible customer service and when cash is involved, tightfisted and unresponsive.

June 27, 2008 Update
New withdrawl notes--- Higher minimums, more paperwork, more personal information needed, Longer waiting periods.

Withdrawal Information:
  1. When making a withdrawal, Spadester will most likely request that players send a copy of the front of their credit cards (with only the last 4 digits showing) and a copy of their ID.
  2. Documents can be sent via email to
  3. Players depositing with an Alternative Payment Method, and withdrawing with the same method may be asked to send in a copy of their ID/passport only.
  4. Once players have sent their documents, and their accounts have been updated; players will not be required to do so again, unless they have registered a new credit card, at which point we will only require a copy of the front of the new credit card.
  5. Payouts will take up to 30 business days to be processed unless otherwise specified.
  6. Players will pay the full cost of processing should they accept their withdrawal (for withdrawals of $200+) via wire transfer which may be up to $30
  7. Players must play a minimum of 10 games before they are eligible to withdraw.
  8. Players are welcome to withdraw up to 10 times a month or up to $1000
  9. All withdrawals must be made in the amount of $40 or more.
  10. Any withdrawal requests that do not fit within the guidelines of the Spadester withdrawal policy will be declined and the money returned to the player’s account.
  11. We ask that all players provide their full details (including residential address) in order for us to be able to process a withdrawal
No improvements so far.


The Aerial Mapper said... is a scam!! Read all about it here:

Saar said...
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TheOnlyOne said...

Vicinsea,I have to say you are right on the spot about everything you said about this site (SPADESTER.COM). As a spades lover, I search the net to find a place to play spades. I came accross this site. At first, I was only looking to play for fun, until I keep winning from the $4 they give to start,but soon I realized that $4 DOES NOT hold cash value until you made a deposit. Unlike you, I was greedy, curious or whatever word you might describe it, I DEPOSITED with my credit card. They advertised that it will take 24 hours to credit any deposit, but mine took 3 days. Well, that should have been a big clue about this site. I used to play online poker a lot and they credited money into your account IMMEDIATELY if you use credit cards. Oh well, since I think I'll make some extra money by playing spades AT HOME, why not wait, so I DID.

True enough I won every day, not much but hey it's in my spare time. I spent hours and hours playing. I've racked up quiet a lot of money the whole month. So I decided to cash out some.

Under their withdrawal policy (#5), it stated that "Payouts will take about 7 bussiness days to be process unless otherwise specified." And when I make a withdrawal request, they send me an email saying that it will take UP TO 10 DAYS to be porcess. So I waited and waited and today is the 14th day and also the 5th of the month and my withdrawal status is still "PENDING". They claimed to send their check out every 5th and 20th of the month with enough time notice (which would be up to 10 days according to the email I got from them.) Since my withdrawal request had been more than 10 days and it happen to be the 5th of the month today, I'm sensing that they DON"T plan to make any payout at all. SPADESTER.COM REALLY IS A SCAM!!! They take your money when you deposit, charge you a service charge of a HUGH rate and DON"T pay out. Nice way to make money. :)Unfortunately for me, I have to experience it first hand. Stupid me :)

I guess I could give you guys 101 reasons why NOT to join, but that would take too much time, so I'm going to just write 1 and I believe this 1 will be a good anough reason NOT to join.


“At Spadester, we believe that Spades is more about a challenge and making friends, and this is why
we have lowered all of our table fees to 10% - 15%.”

I would like to know how do we "MAKE FRIENDS" when we can't even CHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT??????

TheOnlyOne said...

Shorter version :)

Todd said...

I can confirm this a SCAM/FRAUD!! You should stop promoting this site a.s.ap.

I have had a cash out pending for almost 4 months now. Their phone # has been disconnected, forums were closed, and for the last 5 weeks they have not even responded to my emails.

Saar said...
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Mike_S said...

Hi VicinSea,

Thx for your blog post. I found your blog via looking for info on spades and spadester.

I just started playing there (for free only), having never played the game before, and after only recently starting to play online poker.

I find the game interesting and obviously different from poker.

I've read other "horror" stories about this site, so I won't be depositing any real $$$ there soon :)

Is/are there any legitimate online sites to play spades?

Where have you been playing online? (yahoo?) ... just for free?

I'd also like to learn the game, just for the fun of it .. and possible profit :) ... since you mention you play it often, are any of other blog posts dedicated to how to play spades? ... especially for beginners?

I've found a few sites so far for info on the game, but any others you can mention would be great.


Saar said...

Hi Mike,

To understand the rules of the game Spades, you are more then welcome to enter ""
In addition, please contact me via E-mail to receive the rules of Spades and the different strategies one can use and adopt at


Stephen Jones
Affiliate Account Manager

UTVols50 said...

Stephen Jones,
I, too, have had all the problems in the world receiving payouts (I have never received one), yet depositing money is incredibly easy. I really do hope you're telling the truth. After reading your post on here, I sent you an e-mail with my spadester username. If you can actually get me a payout, my faith in spadester would be restored and I would love to continue playing. If I can just simply get a payout, which would confirm that your site is not a scam, I would most certainly make more deposits and continue playing and promoting your site.

thatscraaaaazy said...

i actaully like spadesters, but i would never in the world play for money for that or any other online gaming of the kind. its somethings great to do for fun, and i enjoy it.

but yet i still do have problems with it: the bags, they should either rise the bag penalty for the 3-way games, to 10, instead of doing it for the 4-way ones, that just seems sensible, and i have been cutted off a few times, and even one time before the game even started and they said i was going to have to pay for it no matter what(but of course i was using play money, would feel bad for the person that did it for real money)

Saar said...

Dear UTVols50,

I sincerely apologize for the delay in your payout request. I am not sure if anyone from support has informed you about your wagering requirements. You still have $27 left to wager before you can ask for a withdrawal.

Once you are done, I will be more than happy to help you select the fastest payment option that best accommodates you.

Thank you for your patience.

Stephen Jones
Account Manager

Saar said...

Dear Thatscrazy,

Thank you for your comment.

If you were to play in the Real money mode and encounter a technical difficulty of any kind, your money would have been refunded to your account almost instantly by one of our Live Chat Operators. That should not prevent you from playing for real. The difference is Huge! I say, give it a world... even a $20 deposit can enlighten you.

By the way, we appreciate your suggestion regarding the bags. We may consider providing this option in our 'create tables' section.

Best regards,
Stephen Jones
Account Manager

not2nite said...
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not2nite said...

I now have my doubts, spadester will treat you the best possible in the beginning but then they just ignore & do take longer & longer on your payouts. I have 2 payouts pending right now for $1370 & they won't even respond to my e-mails. They made it to where the money stays in your account now til your payout goes threw, which just keeps getting longer & longer, so you lose your money & your payout will automatically cancel once you drop below the requested amount. I have never seen a site that doesn't take it out as soon as you request it. They do it so you lose it. Also, it is a good site if you're new but not if you've been there for awhile they just seem to forget about you. I feel like they are going out of business & they are trying to get as much money from their user's as they can by running these high bonus promotions to get you to deposit. I did love this site, then they have given me the cold shoulder for no reason. I got abused on the chat they have in the games (a another user threatened to find me & kill me along with the many other verbally abusive things they said) & spadester hasn't even responded to that e-mail, even though that clearly broke their rules. I do caution people about this site now.

Saar said...

Dear Not2nite and Spadester players,

Spadester is going through a lot of changes as we speak. We are about to add another site (Heartster)and as a result had to postpone some of the services that you take for granted.In addition, this week we celebrated a national holiday - which slowed us down.
For that we are extremely sorry.
Please bare with us a little while longer to receive answers on your questions and payouts.

Thank you!

sherry said...

I am just letting you readers out there know that spadester is definately a con, i just tried emailing and it said it was an invalid email address, i emailed spadester too but they are just ignoring my emails, because i too am waiting for a payout, what they tell you on their terms and conditions is a bunch of lies. THIS IS JUST ONE BIG SCAM, and like a fool i fell for it.

not2nite said...

I understand about you're making changes but every e-mail gets rejected, you're not answering user's on your site, & a lot of people are losing what faith they did have in Spadester. I talked to a user 2 days ago & he got a payout a week ago after waiting 4 weeks, I've been waiting for over a month for 1 of my payouts & now I don't even get responses from Spadester anymore. Spadester needs to send an e-mail out to all their user's explaining what is going on along with aploigies and along with paying people's payouts. We (the user's) invested monet into this site to test our skills against other user's, not to wait forever to get our money we rightfully won. I don't say anything when I lose $300 in a day but when I win I do expect to get paid, is that to much to ask from a website that that is what the purpose is. Please clarify this Mr. Jones to all of us, because while your off not responding to e-mails I still play every day calming the user's down that still play & trying my best to convince them to be patient but I can see how they can't.

Saar said...

Dear Players,

Our systems are down. We have taken them down since there was a suspicion of corruption. We are extremely sorry about this situation. It is a temporary one. I can only communicate with you here I am afraid.

We have already started cleaning up and created a new platform that will soon become fully operational.

Spadester is very much alive and kicking. I will keep you updated and hope that you can wait a little while longer.

Thank you.

Stephen Jones

not2nite said...

I don't understand, you can leave comments on this blog but you can't e-mail your user's. If there's corruption shouldn't the user's beware because I'm sure it involves other user's, you should post it who it is.

Another user I talked to a couple days ago received a payout a week ago so is Spadester just picking & choosing who gets their payouts or how is that working. I have been a very loyal user, every one at Spadester is very frustrated & I every day try to calm them down & keep them still believing in Spadester, it's very difficult but I'm doing the best I can. There are plenty of freem e-mails available so why not get 1 of them now. People are still making deposits & it hasn't reached their accounts yet so of course they're getting worried. I don't understand why it is taking so long, it's been over a week now. Can I get my payout soon please. I've been waiting forever & I'm 1 of the few user's who is trying to keep everyone happy & still members of the Spadester community.

Spade101 said...

I too have been waiting for a significant payout since May!! I've stopped playing there until this payout is complete. I won't help them make money. The excuse I have received is that there may have been some collusion involved in the games I played in. "We have to re-calculate the winnings and make sure that no foul play was the issue in those games.
Since we conduct these tests manually for security and safety reasons - it takes time. " This is complete BS and it's funny how Stephen has time to post to blogs like this, but not respond to our emails.

BigSmooth2418 said...

This many people cannot be wrong!!! I too am waiting for a withdrawl and I recently got this gem.."I had a quick Review on your Spadester account and I’ve notice that you have few problems that I can’t understand.

On August 27th you deposited $20.

Now it’s the part that I don’t understand: on March 25th you’ve got $70 bonus and $70 refund. All in total $140.

So basically you are playing on Spadester money.

Unfortunately I can’t process your requests as long we have open issues.

Please get back to me with some answers." None of this is even true. I emailed and asked for doncumentation or even a refference number and nada. This site is a joke no matter what STEPHEN JONES,or Nick Webber says.
My uncle is an attorney and his wifes cousin is the govenor of AZ. I think I'll make a phone call and see what can be done...

Shiravat said...
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Shiravat said...
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Spade101 said...

Oh well, I guess I'll write this off as a lost cause. The 2 times I logged in this past week, there was a total of less than 10 players throughout the entire site!! Live Chat was offline, and no entries have been approved to their forum in 2 weeks.

not2nite said...

So Saars, (Mr. Jones) it's been over 2 weeks now & nothing new with Spadester, you're getting enough bad publicity from this latest stunt I don't see how Spadester can recover from this. It's been 2 weeks & your company doesn't even have new e-mails so your user's can e-mail you, live chat doesn't work, no payouts, no new posts in the forum, & you pretty much lost all your loyal user's. You would think after 2 weeks you would have your "corruption" issue's dealt with but still nothing. You would think after so many people have complained about Spadester it would be your TOP priority to fix your issue's you have and put some water to the flames you have caused. How much longer do you want your loyal user's to be patient? Patience is a virtue & you're taking advantage of that, you truly owe everyone at Spadester still an explanation along with a sicere apoligy.

Saar said...

Dear not2nite,

You are absolutely right. Unfortunately I was fired along with a few more fellow employees. I, much like yourself am waiting for my salary that is a month overdue.

I sure hope that Spadester management and investors can come to their senses and pay their debts to start off with!

My apology wouldn't help you and many more players but I will say it anyway... I am sorry.


not2nite said...

Well saars maybe you can give us spadester user's some e-mails or phone numbers that we can use to find out what is going on, or enlighten us about the whole corruption & what all that was about. Why did you get fired, you was 1 of only 2 people that tried to get this website working correctly. So just be honest, nobody should be playing on this site because it is a scam & should be closed down. Thank you for your help & I'm sorry you got fired, doesn't make sense to me, sounds like Spadester should just close it down because they will never get it running correctly.

not2nite said...

Saars (Mr. Jones) the rumor is that Spadester is closing & I would like to prevent that from happening so if you could give me some phone numbers or e-mails I can try my best to stop it from happening. Spadester is a great website with the ability to become a very good profitable website & I would like the ability to either buy the website or give my 2 thoughts on how to get the website booming again but I can't do that your help, maybe even get your job back because you were 1 of the few that actually tried & you getting fired wasn't right, my e-mail is & I would like anything you can offer me, what do you have to lose, you got fired so you shouldn't care. I've tried everything I could on the internet to find a phone number to call them but I couldn't find one. So if you're willing maybe we can save Spadester or at least try. I just don't understand if they still have employees then how come they haven't fixed the e-mails or forum, etc.. Please e-mail me asap so I can at least try, I owe it to my fellow spade friends to try.

mike wagner said...

they cheated me out of 2700 By saying that I cheated. The truth is they never intended on paying. and since there is no way Of proving that I was colluding or weren't they just stole my money that i had been askinf for a payout for at least 2 months if you want to contact me my email is michael

Ben said...

Stephen Jones is lying. Lsst Thurs. I received an e-mail saying my account was credited with a Thurs. $5 surprise. I was lucky and never deposited money on the site and am very sorry for those of you who did. Moral of my comment: the email was signed SINCERELY STEPPHEN JONES. What a liar.

Shiravat said...
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VicinSea said...

WOW I had no idea how far reaching this blog could be! Thanks to all the commentators here this story made it to Google #3 spot!

When I first started seeing SAAR posting here, my first inclination was to delete the post and drop it. Now that spadester's true colors are being recognized, I am very glad I didn't.

I feel for all the players that got ripped off and I applaud all the players that seen through the scam for what it was. No matter what a website or email contact writes on their website or in an email, NEVER give out a credit card number if you don't see the padlock sign!

While you're here....take a look at my more recent entries!

not2nite said...

To everyone I play with I would like to say thank you for all the great games & times we had. My account was closed today because I made a post in the forum about the "new version" of Spadester. I downloaded it the otehr day because in the forum it said it was great so I wanted to download it but there is 1 flaw & it is if you are typing in the chat box as the game starts your game freezes & you have to reboot your computer in order to be able to log back in to Spadester & finish your game but by then you're in the hole to bad because the comp can't bid right & we all know that, lol. Spadester said I was slamming them in the post & all my past post (even the ones in this blog) when in fact I was just trying to warn people of the difficulties I was having, I thought that was what the forum was for. Any body that has ever played with me knows I defend Spadester the most out of anyone & I don't see how Spadester thinks I slam them. I don't in any way, I only made that post in the forum because I was trying to look out for all the other Spadester user's & for that my account got canceled. Not fair, unbelievable actually but I am trying to get my account reinstated. That is where you come in, any user that reads this & knows me, knows that I defend Spadester so if you could e-mail Spadester & tell them anything to help me get my account reinstated I sure would appreciate it. Even if I have beat you or set you during a game at some point, lets put all that behind us & not hold a grudge, I would do the same for you if you was in my situation. I sent Spadester a very long e-mail expressing how I unfairly got my account canceled but I could use your help fellow Spadester user's. Corkyzoe, DIVA, rfrazier, prize, onetwo, weidner, widener, shiravat, Singdale, Drakulla, wmeg2000,just to name a few user's.

But in any fact I have had fun playing with ALL of you & you ALL have made me a better player & I hope I have you.

I still don't think Spadester is a scam or fraud to the new user's that want to play there. They have great players, probably the best in the world, excellant software, and it's real fun. My only advice is to stay away from the forum & if you do post there don't talk about how you played 5 games with the new software & it froze at the beginning of the 5 games. After I figured out why it was freezing it didn't freeze after that but I'm sure after Spadester recieves e-mails pertaining to how it does do that & I wasn't slamming Spadester by writing that post they will realize that I wasn't posting that to "slam" Spadester, I was just trying to be nice & warn people so it didn't happen to them.

My e-mail is & I look forward to hearing from my fellow spadester friends. God bless & don't quit sending spadester e-mails till I'm back, j/k, bye for now hopefully!

corkyzoe said...

hi i just read n2nites blog entry and i just emailed spadester to tell them to reinstate her. however you might feel about n2nite she always stuck up for spadester and did not deserve this. i know she has alot of enemys but in spades you can not hold grudges that is what the game is about setting people as she loves to and we all know how she hates to lose. but n2n is a great spades player and i enjoy playing with her and all of you. so please spadester bring her back,she meant no harm to spadester, and alway's stuck up for your site when people spoke bad if you read all her blogs you will see that. so everyone please email spadester and post a blog on this site to reinstate her . thanks all fellow players and spadester corkyzoe

Shiravat said...
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top said...

N2N....Why would you even want to be reinstated at this scam site? You admitted they don't pay you, yet you still try to promote them. Makes no sense. They certainly do not have the best players in the world and their software is extremely unstable.

justin said...

Not2nite I just want to say that Spadester did you wrong, I wish there was a way you could sue them. After all the horror stories on this site the ONLY reason I deposited to Spadester months ago was because I read your post on this blog & decided to give it a shot because you sounded honest & not like everyone else who just wanted to trash the site. After I deposited they (spadester) treated me nice then all of a sudden everyone at Spadester was gone, without even a warning to anyone. Very few players stuck around after that but you did & defended them when EVERYONE (including me) was pissed & talked trash about the site. User's always said how you worked for them because of how you defended them & then they go & cancel your account, not a very professional move on Spadester's part. That CLEARLY shows that Spadester has no clue on how to run a gaming site, treats it's user's, or how to be a honest & dependable site. The only thing they do know how to do is take everyone's money, rip people off, & run a very poor gaming site. I recently logged in after reading your post & was automatically updated to the new software & the NEW SOFTWARE does have many flaws. It lags, freezes, & if you are typing in the chat box when the room gets full the game will freeze automatically & you do have to restart your computer. Why would they (spadester) cancel your account for warning other user's about their flaw? Doesn't make sense, the only reason I can think of is that they didn't want to pay you your money that you have won. If that's the reason then why do they have a gaming website in the first place, I thought that was what a gaming site was about, it seems they only think it's about people depositing to them & them keeping the money for themselves.

Not2nite I have played with you many games & even though you would win most of the games or at least set me a few times so I couldn't win you are not abusive or offend anyone. The most I've seen you do was tell people about the mistakes they made & them get abusive to you. It is very wrong what Spadester did to you & just proves what kind of site they truly are. They are a site that is a scam, frauds, & only want you to deposit to get your money & have no intentions of paying out. From everyone else's post on here it just shows how the really are. Thats how they can afford to give out these promotions because they steal the money away from other user's that they cancel their accounts for no reason, it seems they just make up reasons. Not2nite my uncle is a lawyer in Washington D.C. & I will defenitely talk to him this weekend & give him your e-mail so he can be in contact with you soon. It's not right what Spadester does & someone needs to put a stop to it.

To anybody who is thinking about even playing on their site, DON'T. They will scam you and if you do you better make sure you have credit card protection because if they treat their user's like the people in this blog & scam everyone out of their money it's hard telling what they do with your credit cards you give them to deposit. They probably sell them off to an identity theft place & make even more money off of their user's. I'm glad I only deposited $30 & I have identity theft protection because it's hard to say what Spadester does with your information.

I hope you get your account reinstated because you're a great player & I want to play against you again, I owe you a few sets.

mike wagner said...

Yzerman here I contacted the Fbi today and they gave me a website deals with internet fraud. They do have some employees is the us. they stole 3500 from me. said I cheated. The point is they will figure out a way not to pay anyone. is my email

not2nite said...

I filed a complaint with the FBI about Spadester 2 days ago. They replied to me saying this is the 3rd complaint they have had recently & are looking into it & will get back to me as soon as they can.

Spadester is crooks & scammers. They scam anyone they can. They told me I could play in "play money" for a 30 day trial but no mention of the $2250 I had in my account when they falsely closed my account. Then when I told them I was gonna file a complaint with the FBI they closed my "play money" account that they told me I could have. What crooks. I also found out by talking to Nick Webber on the phone a week ago that they have Spadester employees that play at the tables. Nick Webber even said he plays at the tables because he said he has saw me be abusive, now isn't that tampering?

I highly advise anyone & everyone to quit playing at Spadester. Their software sucks & I am pretty sure it is rigged to make the house players win, they don't payout, & have no idea on how to run a website. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY & MOST LIKELY YOUR IDENTITY!!!

TO ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN FRAUDED FILE A COMPLAINT AT & maybe, just maybe we can get these crooks put in prison. I know they definitely deserve it. They think because it's the Internet that they can't go to prison but we need to prove to them they will. I'm also going to make a youtube video to reach more people to warn them & hopefully reach more people to file a complaint. Scammers & crooks belong in prison & I want to do everything I can to put these scumbags there.

Nick said...

Have you all notice how not2nite writing on spadester.
Sometimes good things and some time bad thing,
So let me tell you something guys, SHE IS THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER that spadester had to deal with.
Her boyfriend used to scam players 3 months ago , steal their money, fake accounts and different user names. After Spadester notice that they closed his account and banned him from spadester software.
1 month later not2nite, his girlfriend pop up at spadester in different account different user name and everything was wonderful.
Now, they are the same person same house and same game pattern.
She is saying nice things and he(her boyfriend) using her account to say evil things.
If I were you ,I would stay away from them, they are win’s all the time and stealing your money by knowing each other cards.
They are seems to be nice people, but they are crooks & scammers and they will steal your money.
We can bring them back to spadester but it’s up to you people ,do you want to play with thieves .
Yzerman- don’t you want to tell all the people how you played with 222step
And win more than $800?
Maybe not…

not2nite said...

And Mr. Webber you just prove more & more to me how much of a scammer you & SPADESTER truly are. My boyfriend played with his buddy & would try their best to cover each other. I never played on Spadester then so it didn't involve me. We broke up & I moved out, took MY laptop & eventually opened my own account. You was aware of all that when I opened my account but since I won & got my account high up in the money department you want to cancel my account. Now who is the thieves? Me or you, I think we both know it is Spadester. My boyfriend does not have access to ANY of my accounts (spadester,e-mail,this blog,etc.). At first I did think you were a legit company but time after time YOU prove everyone correct by STEALING & CANCELING people's accounts for no reason. You canceled my account for slamming Spadester. Then it's for cheating. Both reasons are false & you (spadester) just don't want to payout. It is true that you will come up with any reason to not to. What more reason do you have on me? None, you're just a crook & scammers. You even went as far as saying me & my boyfriend were the same person but didn't I call you on the phone? Did I sound like a man to you? I sent you copies of my driver's license also. Did I look like a man to you? I hope not because I just had a baby 11 months ago & that would be kinda difficult to do if I was a man wouldn't you think?

The moral of this post is I have done everything to prove what I need to for YOUR website to reinstate me & admit your mistake but your scamming website doesn't want to. No where in your terms & conditions does it say I can't play being a girlfriend of someone that was blacklisted for collusion. Next time what are you going to come up with, that I'm an employee or something because thats all you have left.

Who cares any ways, your website sucks, the software sucks, it freezes all the time. You have at best 10 people playing at a time & they're playing $1 games so Spadester can't be scamming that many people out of their money. Spadester will be closed shortly & you'll be an unemployed, crooked, scammer looking for your next web scam. Which brings me to Heartster. SCAM SCAM SCAM! I'll onclude that in my youtube video too, just to make sure you can't scam anyone from that website to. How can you even sleep at night knowing you're a thief & a scammer? I couldn't. You have some nerve calling me a scammer, I hope you die a slow, horrible death and in your kids know what kind of a sleeze bag crook you truly are. Nick Webber probably isn't even your real name. After the FBI investigates I'll be sure to write a post & let everyone know the findings they tell me. Have fun scamming people today. Go buy your wife a flower on us, all the Spadester user's you scammed.

Nick said...
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not2nite said...
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Nick said...
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Ken said...

I enjoy playing on Spadester and hopefully will continue to do so. I enjoy the game playing, but have experienced financial issues like apparently many others have. Web surfers can easily find more information by going to sites like

Farren said...

Yet another user... I win win win on spadester (yes the competition is pretty lame). And what happens when i try to get a payout? They get rude and ignore me. Thank you to this blog... now i just need to contact my credit card company and make sure they dont steal my money. Spadester is truly dissappointing. As an avid online poker player for real money let me say this is not how online gambling sites work. This site is a SCAM.

Miriam&Shimi said...

I would like to thank all of you for your posts. I just heard about spadester today and decided to do a bit of research first. Your discussion ensured that this blog show up on the first page of google.

There is no doubt about it. NO credible online gaming site would EVER allow even one unhappy customer. It ruins their reputation. The fact that there are dozens here who have not received money suggests that anyone who claims to have gotten money is probably employed by spadester.

As for Stephen Jones... there is no reason to assume he is telling the truth when he says he was fired. If the site is a scam then the odds are it was put together by a handful of people working together. He simply wants to lessen the guilt he is feeling for stealing thousands of dollars.

I hope all of you who have lost money do not give up your efforts to contact proper authorities. At the very least... continue blogging against them so that others do not get sucked into the scam.

Thank you again.

VicinSea said...

Update: August 3, 2009 I received an email from
Dear VicinSea,

My name is Neal Holdsworth, and I am a new account manager at

First of all, let me thank you for writing about us when the site was lunch:

We had improved much since then and I would like you to test our reached site and give much appreciated feedback.

Needless to say that we are willing to pay you for your time and efforts.

I have loaded your account with $50 of real money, in order for you to get impressed from our new site and even chat with out players.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you will contact me soon.

Neal Holdsworth

I was intrigued that Spadester actually cared enough about their reputation to try and do a better job, so I signed in.

Site looks the same, there is no "deposit" on my account and Spadester remains a SCAM.

My advice is, as usual, play for fun if you want, but do not EVER give these people any money or access to your credit card info.

VicinSea said...

Update: August 4, 2009 I received an email from Neal apologized for the error and said he had deposited $60 to my account. I checked and sure enough, there was $60 in my player account!

I sat in on a couple of games and I would like to say the quality of the play was vastly improved since my last visit! Although there were only about 50 players on the Real Cash tables, I did manage to chat with a few. (The chat system seems to be working OK but the play is really too quick to do much chatting.)

Of the players I spoke to, several had received payouts from Spadester, all of the players said that it took several contacts with the management and many months of waiting to get any money. A couple of players on the Real Cash side said that getting a payout was such a hassle that it wasn't worth the trouble and so they played for site Ratings instead and had written off the cash.

Note: the chat on Spadester has been intermittent, at best, and it seems like most players have given up on it. Each table I visited only had 1 or 2 players using the chat option.

Spadester'e payout policies are tougher than ever. You need to provide a lot of personal information, there is a minimum of $50.00(up from $40), you must play 30 games(Up from 10) to be eligible, and there is a processing fee for every payout that may be as much as $30.00. So, basically, you need to have at least $80 in your account to even request a payout of $50. to be sure the fees will be covered.

The minimum you can deposit(as far as I could tell) is $30, far below the amount required to get a cash out so if you change your mind, you lose the $30.

When I say, a lot of information, I really mean a lot--to a company in Cyprus....Deeply personal information like credit card number including the security code, your physical address, and in some cases your birth date and SSN. This would be more than enough info to do some really nasty things involving identity theft or credit card fraud, though, thankfully, no one is reporting that type of problem yet. Spadester does mention this in their TOS by making you agree that they will not be liable for any losses caused by "a third party in connection with the site." I am not sure what that means or why a third party would have access to my info, but it doesn't sound good.

One bug I did notice involves a popup window that appears each time I leave a table. It is there to remind me to put money into my account but even when I closed it, it caused my system to lag and jerk. People on a slow connection or older computer would probably experience a system freeze when this thing pops up--just a warning!

Updated Review Score: Still 2 thumbs down--do not give this site any real cash!

VicinSea said...
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NoFirstName said...

My name on spadester is "kevolt". I, too, received an email from Neil Holdsworth. This was just a few days ago. He swore that I would be paid to my Payoneer card, and he wanted me to remove all bad blog posts and make some good new posts. I started doing that, and asked him to put $800 onto my Payoneer card. I will provide an update soon.

VicinSea said...

Spadester seems to be making a habit of paying off their most vocal critics. I have chatted with several players that felt ripped off that were later paid off, if they agreed to withdraw their criticisms on forums and on blogs. I hope you do get your payout--that would put you in a unique minority of players that actually got paid.

It's a shame that this site has been so poorly managed. The idea is a cool one--the chance to win real cash while playing spades, but the execution has been terrible.

Just by looking at the current offers, I can predict that these problems are not going away anytime soon. For example:

I deposit $100 to my account, Spadester gives me a bonus of $100--I use that $200 to play games.

Out of $200 in play, Spadester takes 10%, the other $180 goes to the players that win. Already there is an imbalance. Spadester is promising to pay out $180 for each $100 invested--that is the definition of a pyramid scheme. Even considering the $30 cash out fee--Spadester is still promising to payout more than it is collecting.

A strictly honest site would be paying out $75-90 for every $100 collected, rather than promising something that they can't deliver.

kevolt said...

Here's my update regarding the payout that I was promised: I'm still waiting. I created my own blog for some new interesting information about Spadester. Please visit
Vincsea - would you be so kind as to post a click-able version of my blog link?
I'll post further updates about whether Spadester is honoring payout requests on my blog.

G. Arnold said...

Many, Many, complaints about this scammer. If you want to post your story on my web site please check it out at

wjones4 said...

I have been playing on spadester for about a month now and I will say this...I have not played for money as I don't trust them with my info but the quality of players is only average. I have lost more games due to poor players then to bad cards. I win more than I lose though so I am still up on the "play" money and on their ranking system.
The people are more pleasant then on Yahoo in so far as I have yet to run across one of the extremely rude types prevalent on Yahoo

bonus said...


Just a warning that we have to repeat again and again, Please stay way clear of DO NOT even download the software!!!

1. They do NOT pay if you win
2. They will use your details for comercial reasons
3. They will try to hack your Email
4. The will clear your credit cards

1- When you win you will never see your money! If in doubt just google spadester or spadester scam and you will find posts dating back years from victems

2. They sell your Email + Profile to anyone willing to pay

3. When u revolt they will use the password u use for the spadester account and use this to try and get into your email and other!! Yes they have done this with me personal, i was dumb enough to use the same password for the spadester account and my email and when i started to make noise about my winnings that never got paid they actualy used my info to hack my yahoo Email and send out dozens of Emails in my name!!!
They also hacked my blog and twitter account via my yahoo Email!!!

4. when u google spadester u will find hundreds of posts made by victems! Once they get hold of your credit card details they will empty it using fake gaming companies to get their hands on your cash!

Realy people do yourself a big favor and just never go near this scam and please warn your friends, its time we deal with this bunch once and forever, Support the cause and lets get spadester.con offline

VicinSea said...

Over 2 years and still going...Spadester remains a SCAM! Stay clear of it and do not trust them with any personal info at all. Thank for the reminder!

DoughBoy said...
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Prime said...

Whats going on with the site i see less an less players everyday is the site going to shut down or what. Damn i love spadester, what ever it is can you please fix it. If they would just put in the time and money the sky is the limit for this site i can't see why the owners can't see that. Its right here in your hands an its like your just going to let it slip away damn thats sad. The site has the look an the frame work they just have to work out the bugs and that is easy the players are there and will comeback but the system needs to be updated. 5 bags for all tables 200 an under, a PRO ROOM for spaded up players on the play money side, and speed the timeline back up. An bring back when we make a table are names are on it not some city or state. Sense the site did that it freezes more an the computer takes over more the same thing can be said about when they slowed the timeline down. I have so many more good ideas for the site that would really put it up at the top like the POKERSTARS an FULLTILTPOKER website they have it working on point. There site owners are millionaire because they run there site the right way to get more players to buy in to what there doing. Not running players away for a few dollars here an there. If what these people are saying is true thats a damn shame. This site has the making of a winner if they would just do right by there players. There is no other site that even can get close to spadester if they would just do the right thing an they would get rich at the same time. The happier your players are the better your site will be and more players will come an be more willing to spend money.

I have been on spadester sense 2008 an i have never had a problem till now. The system freezes the computer takes over bidding and throwing your cards. The level of talent has gone way down cause of the number of short table players who play 200, 150, an 100 with 10 bags on them with 100nil. That needs to be changed an lowered to 5bags, all the top level players that used to play don't play half as much no more saying the site needs a Pro Room for all the spaded up players. And its so hard to get a good table going from all the lower ranked players jumping in. Just like last night it was less than 100 players total for the play money and real money put together. If the site would just do right the sky would be the limit but if they don't the end is near i guess. If you had to pick if you wanted to be the best or one of the best. Or be the worst or one of the worst. Which would you pick be a millionaire or close to it or be in court or being sueded from stealing an taking maybe Fifty to hundred thousand dollars from players over time who put trust in your site. which one would you pick. Build a million dollar site or a scam that takes thousands an gets sueded.

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spademaster said...

where do you go now? I hate the players on here... right when you start to win they hang the game..and i can't play for about 30 mins.. have to restart program..

spademaster said...

where do you go now? I hate the players on here... right when you start to win they hang the game..and i can't play for about 30 mins.. have to restart program..

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