Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sustainable Recycling-Old Clothing

Re: How do I recycle clothing? ---- 10 Ideas to reuse old clothes.

1) Cleaning rags. Use the soft items to make into cleaning clothes. I
make mine about 12x12 and stuff them into a bag to keep them neat. I
also moved my paper towel dispenser to the inside of the cabinet where
I keep the rags. This reminds me to use the rags instead of paper
towels whenever possible.

2) Save the seams and sew them into a long strip. Then crochet or knit
the strips into rag rugs. You can use polyester scraps but try to keep
the cotton at least 75% of the rug so it is absorbent.

3) Cut old jeans and make shopping bags, car seat covers, furniture
throws and pet beds. These sell very well at Farmer's Markets and
Street Fairs.

4) Cut down on kitchen cleaning by covering all your counter top
appliances. When the covers look dingy, toss them in the wash.

5) Cotton prints make beautiful patchwork quilts. Make the quilt in
2x2 foot blocks and work on them while watching TV or during waiting time.

6)Use fabric blocks to sew book covers in assorted sizes to protect
books from spills and hand oils. Even paperbacks benefit from having a
book cover while you are reading it.

7)Use bright scraps to add embellishments to other clothing. Add a
tiny faux pocket to a plain sweater or a bright red collar to a black
shirt. Add fancy patches to jeans to cover stains!

8)Sew funny teeshirts into pillows for the floor or sofa.

9)Recycle lacy lingerie into sachets stuffed with potpourri to keep
linen closets and drawers smelling nice.

10) keep a bag of rags in your car in case you have to change a tire
or need a little traction in the snow.

-Vic in Seattle

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! I am posting your link to a group I created promoting recycling!

Thank you!